Activation year 2020

Društvo DISORA Slovenia Maribor, MPIRMPAKOS D. & SIA O.E. Greece Karditsa, OLEMISEN BALANSSIA RY Finland Raisio, EDUFONS Serbia Novi Bečej, Akademie für politische Bildung Austria Linz
This project has been funded with support from the European Commission
Vulnerable groups of population with lower economic, social and health outcomes in: Italy, Finland, Serbia, Slovenia, Greece, Austria

Topics of sustainable life skills are not represented enough in the adult education sector, especially given their importance for individuals, the environment and the economy. Sustainable life skills can be especially beneficial to vulnerable groups of population with lower economic, social and health outcomes. At the same time vulnerable groups need a specific learning approach, adapted to their learning specific, values and daily needs.

The project will promote education about sustainable life skills in the adult education field and strengthen the capacity and ability of adult educators to address these topics with vulnerable groups of learners. We will examine and collect best practice examples from partner countries and the EU, create a handbook for educators, conduct training for groups of mentors and finally implement pilot testing of the workbook and mentors with various vulnerable target groups.

  • exchange of best practices on the topic of education of vulnerable groups for sustainable life skills
  • strengthening the capacity of adult educators and the sector for education of vulnerable target groups on the topic of sustainable life skills
  • exchange of learning materials and methods among adult educators
  • strengthening of partner networks
  • strengthening the capacity for transnational cooperation and activities
  • mutual learning and finding new solutions to address the topic
  • 6 project meetings with presentation of best practice examples,
  • analysis of the situation in the area of sustainable life skills education
  • preparation of the handbook with good practice examples and recommendations for educators on how to teach vulnerable groups about sustainable life skills
  • testing of the handbook and mentors with various vulnerable groups
  • 1 short-term training event for mentors (educational methods, strategies for vulnerable target groups)
  • Expected results and effects:
  • usage of the handbook inside and outside partner organizations for education about sustainable life skills
  • ability to upgrade or adapt the handbook with new content
  • adult educators with increased ability to educate vulnerable target groups about sustainable life skills
PROGRAMME: Sustainable life skills for vulnerable target groups
PROJECT NUMBER: 2020-1-SI01-KA204-075997

1. Progettazione partecipata con gli stakeholder + individuazione delle scuole partner.

2. Creazione nelle scuole aderenti della comunità di docenti e studenti.

3. Realizzazione dei Fabschool + Creazione di project work con le aziende partner.